The Purcell Family

Mount Bruis, Tipperary

Meet the Purcell family from Mount Bruis, Tipperary. This family farm has been in the Purcell family for generations.

Phil and Kathleen have 2 sons, Tom and Michael. Tom is a local GP who loves farming with his 2 sons and Michael lives in Dublin and enjoys nothing more than coming back to the farm with his family also. A good work ethic is a quality that both Tom and Michael cherish from their farming background.

The Purcells are proud that generations of their family have resided on same land they farm. Their farm is steeped in heritage and has as graveyard on their land and at one time there was also a church there.

This passion for quality farming runs through all 10,000 farming family members in our community. Knowledge and standards are passed from one generation to the next.