Brian Dyer

Claremorris, Co Mayo

Brian Dyer has always been happiest farming, ever since his childhood. The freedom of being outdoors, the opportunities for interacting with fellow farmers and the exceptional flavour of Irish Angus beef are what motivates him today.

Brian Dyer lives with his wife Sinead and their three children on the family’s farm in Claremorris, Co Mayo. Their three children enjoy helping out on the farm and they are encouraged to do so by Brian and Sinead, since it connects them with nature and being outdoors. Brian himself developed an interest in farming during his childhood. Then, farm machinery was the main attraction for him. His preoccupations have since expanded, however, and farming Angus is his big passion today. For Brian, his favourite meat is Angus beef, because of its exceptional flavour profile. Describing farming life, he says:

I just love it. You’re not tied into an office all day. I like being out in the open, going to the marts and meeting the people there.