Our robust triple inspection system uniquely safeguards our Certified Irish Angus beef from farm to fork. This guarantees that it is bone fide Certified Irish Angus which is fully traceable and of the highest quality.

Step 1: Visual Checks

At the meat processors, our highly trained inspectors carry out visual checks to verify each and every animal on arrival. Inspections are logged in real-time using handheld devices equipped with bespoke technology, including GPS tracking. Any animal that fails the visual inspection is traced back to both the farm supplying the animal and the farm on which the animal was bred. In the case of a failure to comply with our terms and conditions, no future animal from that breeder is accepted onto our certification programme.

Step 2: Random DNA Testing

Our inspectors also carry out regular random tissue sampling on a cross-section of animals presented for processing. These samples are DNA-tested by the independent third-party company, Weatherbys Scientific. A photograph of the animal is taken as a visual record and the DNA results that are obtained are recorded on the supplier’s and breeder’s profiles.

Step 3: Retail Product Tests

Additionally, our inspectors carry out random sampling of retail packs labelled as Certified Irish Angus beef from supermarket stockists. The samples are DNA-tested by the independent third-party company, Weatherbys Scientific. From the DNA result that is obtained a breed profile is extracted to insure full traceability from farm to fork. We also use the results as training and verification of our Inspector accuracy.

Meet an Inspector

Audrey Maguire is one of our 13 Certified Irish Angus beef Inspectors. Audrey individually inspects all of the animals when they arrive at the processing factory from their farm of origin. Audrey has been trained to be able to identify the Angus breed by inspecting its face and unique breed markers. This visual inspection enables her to verify the standard for Certified Irish Angus backed up by DNA testing. This unique system guarantees full traceability.