The Clancy Family

Clonakilty, Co Cork

The Clancy Family farm in picturesque Clonakilty in West Cork has been handed down through generations and is now farmed by John Clancy, alongside his wife Ann, daughter Laura and sons Darragh and Shane.

The Clancy’s have a dairy herd, but are also proud Certified Irish Angus farmers and it is all hands on deck with all members of the family actively working on the farm every day. John has farmed all his life and comments that “It is a nice healthy way to live and you have a great relationship with the environment around you. We think a farm is a really good place to bring children up as they get to learn so much about real life just by being around it.”

Laura is the eldest of the three children and her Dad John says she was out helping on the farm since she could walk. She studied Agricultural Science in Sacred Heart Secondary School in Clonakilty and her love for farming led her to enter the first year of the Certified Irish Angus Schools Competition and she was part of the winning team.

“I always had an interest in farming from both my father and my uncle. It gives you a really strong work ethic which stays with you throughout the years. No-one I know who grew up on a family farm is afraid of work! In school I was part of the Certified Irish Beef school’s competition the first year it ran. We were fortunate to be crowned the first winners of the competition and since that it’s gained my interest in the business side of farming too.”

John is very proud of his daughter who has gone on to study Business Management in CIT. He says “It’s great to see the next generation take an interest in farming but also to know the other side. I know the business side of the farm is in safe hands now too!.”