At the heart of the Certified Irish Angus brand is a tradition of farming our grass-fed animals which has been passed down through the generations. Our community of Angus farmers have inherited a respect for the land, along with a great regard for our animals and the exceptional quality of beef they produce.

Our two unique schools competitions aim to educate second level students about the care and attention required to produce Certified Irish Angus Beef while also inspiring students to consider the Irish agri-food industry as a valuable career choice.

Why Get Involved

  • Complements agricultural science coursework by providing practical, hands-on experience
  • Educates students about the workings of the agriculture and food industry
  • Informs students about the care and attention required to produce the highest quality beef
  • Exposes students to the career opportunities available within our largest indigenous industry
  • Encourages entrepreneurship and resourcefulness
  • Teaches valuable career skills such as presentation skills, reporting and social media
  • Each group benefits from the proceeds raised through the sale of the animals
  • The overall winners receive a bursary towards further education

Certified Irish Angus School Competition

We run this exciting secondary school competition for schools in the

Republic of Ireland with our partners ABP and Kepak.

Northern Irish Angus Youth Challenge

The ABP Angus Youth Challenge is organised by Certified Irish Angus Producers Group and ABP and is open to students in Northern Ireland.

School Resources

We have created the following resources to assist students in their Leaving Cert Ag Science studies.

Feel free to download, amend and add to the resources below.

If you have any suggestions on what other topics we should cover please let us know on





  • Shauna Jager
    I always had an interest in agriculture, but because my family themselves don't come from a farming background, I'd never had the confidence to consider it. When a new teacher came to our school, she introduced us to the Certified Irish Angus School Competition. I decided to just give it a go and see what it was about, and obviously it turned out really well as I wouldn’t be studying what I am now if it wasn’t for the competition.
    Shauna Jager
    Certified Irish Angus Schools Competition Winner 2017
  • Heather Kettyle
    A unique contribution to the curriculum, developing skills and making our pupils more employable.
    Heather Kettyle
    Teacher, Enniskillen Royal Grammar

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