James Murphy

Silvermines, Co Tipperary

Family is at the heart of James Murphy’s farm in Silvermines, where he looks forward to the farming tradition continuing on with his children, once he’s ready to hang up his wellies.

James Murphy has been farming in the foothills of the Silvermines mountains in North Tipperary since taking over his father’s farm in 1992, when he was 21 years old. Today, he lives on the farm with his wife Kate and their four children. James was motivated to farm Angus following a trip to North America, during which he learned about the breed’s docile nature. Its gentle character makes Angus ideal for a family farm and this quality is important for him, since his children love to help out with the animals. His eldest son Conor, who is 15, has already developed a keen interest in farming. James says:

Conor has a good few years of education ahead of him. My father let me off farming, so if he wants to farm and he enjoys it, he’s more than welcome to have it – when I’m hanging up my wellies that is!