Ben Frazer

Kingscourt County Cavan

Ben Frazer is a Certified Irish Angus beef farmer located in Kingscourt in County Cavan. Ben’s passion for farming quality beef is matched only by his enthusiasm for vintage tractors – and you will find a fine collection of both on the Frazer farm on the Cavan-Meath border!

Ben got his passion for farming from his Dad, Malcolm, who still farms by his side. Ben is the seventh generation of the Frazer family to live on their farm which can be traced back to 1790. He loves the farming way of life and the fact that it allows him to be his own boss, with every day being different.

Ben is dedicated to safeguarding the excellence and sustainability of Certified Irish Angus. He says that the “short, stocky and sweet-mannered” Angus are excellent grazers and the grasses and herbs they consume is reflected in the quality of the beef they produce.

“We choose to farm Angus because they are a hardy breed which makes them easy to care for and breed. The fact that they are natural foragers means that they are happiest grazing in the field where they can find the sweetest clovers and herbs which produce a great flavour beef. I am really proud to be a Certified Irish Angus farmer and hope to continue the tradition for many years to come.”