Our premium Certified Irish Angus beef is crafted by master butchers to ensure each cut is ultra-tender and delivers optimum flavour. Learn more about our prime cuts here:

The fillet, also known as the tenderloin, is the leanest and most tender of all cuts of beef. The centre cut, which we use for our fillet steaks, may also be used for filet mignon, chateaubriand, beef wellington and steak tartare. Our fillet steak is matured for 32 days and was crowned ‘World’s Best Fillet’ at the World Steak Challenge in 2019!

Rib eye is one of the prime cuts from the animal, located at the front centre section of its back, beside the prized loin. Rib eye steak is famous for being juicy and full of flavour as a result of its marbling.. Our rib eye steaks are matured for 32 days to further enhance the flavour.

Striploin steak is a premium beef cut which comes from the choice loin section Our striploin steaks are aged for 32 days and are known for both their tenderness and flavour. Striploins come with a requisite rim of fat, which provides flavour along with succulence by allowing the meat to stay juicy during cooking.

Our sirloin steaks are prime centre cuts, crafted to deliver the fullest flavour and most tender texture. Our sirloin comes from the animal’s back, between the prized loin area and the round section.

This spectacular bone in prime-rib is also known as a Tomahawk steak (when there is an extended rib bone), and features rich marbling which results in a full-bodied flavour.

This thick cut is traditionally served as a family meal or to share with friends . Also known as côte de boeuf , carvery rib roast steak is considered to be one of the finest beef cuts. The bone and natural fat covering, impart the meat with a rich, robust flavour.

Round roast is a boneless, rolled joint of beef and a firm favourite for slow cooking. It is perfect for roasting or braising and offers great flavour. The ideal dish for family meals or get-togethers with friends.

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