June 1, 2019

Respect for animals and land key for farming success

Tim Dunne has been farming in Mitchelstown in North Cork for more than 40 years and believes that his choice of career is something of a calling or a vocation. According to Tim, a high level of care and respect, both for land and animals is required in order to produce the highest quality food for the consumer.
May 1, 2019

Top of the class! Students selected to take part in esteemed calf-rearing competition announced

Irish Angus Producer Group reveal details of five school groups chosen for unique schools competition. Wednesday 1st May 2019: Today, students from five schools around the country were invited to meet the Irish Angus calves that they will rear for 18 months as part of a unique competition. The Certified Irish Angus Beef Schools Competition, run by Irish Angus Producer Group in association with ABP and Kepak, aims to encourage second level students to gain an understanding about the care and attention that is required to produce and market the highest quality beef for consumers.
March 14, 2019

Wellies to Bellies – Laurel Hill Girls Know Their Beef!

City school takes the overall prize in prestigious national calf-rearing competition. 14th March 2019: At an awards ceremony in Croke Park today, five students from Laurel Hill secondary school in the heart of Limerick City were announced as the overall winners of the 2019 Certified Irish Angus Beef Schools Competition. The students, Susan O’Neill, Jane McNamara, Aishling O’Neill, Aoibhinn Leahy & Emily Walsh took the top prize, in spite of the fact that none of them come from a farming background.
February 14, 2019

Ag Science students visit leading retailers in Ireland and Netherlands to learn about the marketing of Irish beef

A group of agricultural-science students who are participating in the Certified Irish Angus Beef Schools Competition this week visited the headquarters of leading retailers Tesco Ireland and Albert Heijn to learn about the marketing and export of Certified Irish Angus Beef.

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Did you know ?🍃

Certified Irish Angus is a sustainable beef breed, farmed with pride using traditional methods by small-scale family farms. Angus cattle today continue to enjoy a diet that is made up almost exclusively of grass which offers a reduced environmental impact due to the availability of home-grown feed.

The Angus breed also naturally matures early which results in fewer carbon emissions produced from each animal compared with other breeds. Certified Irish Angus continues to invest in and promote improved genetics ensuring that the Angus breed remains strong while producing even more efficient animals for our members.

Find out more 👉certifiedirishangus.ie/our-irish-angus-beef


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The excitement is building for the Schools' Competition final!🏆

The time of year has come around again, we are making preparations for the Schools' Competition final in Croke Park on the 31st of March. This event will fill the Hogan Suite with 40 groups of students from around the country!

Every year the overall winning group is announced at the awards ceremony while new TY entries exhibit their project themes. It always amazes our team to see the level of enthusiasm shown by the students being raised each year!

Stay tuned to our page to follow the progress of the competition!


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Lunch time just got better!

Try our Certified Irish Angus sticky Thai beef salad! This tasty dish is the perfect lunch to give sustenance and add an extra kick to your midday. Within half an hour you'll be diving in to the perfect lunch when working from home🍽️

Follow our recipe - https://www.certifiedirishangus.ie/recipe-item/sticky-thai-beef-salad/

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Docile and delightful!

The docile nature of the Angus breed makes it the perfect choice for our farming members. We are a producer group made up of small family farms who guarantee the highest standards of animal welfare, producing exceptional beef while protecting our special breed for future generations.

Take a look at James Murphy and his families story 👉https://www.certifiedirishangus.ie/our-farmers/james-murphy/


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Last chance to sign up for the off season bonus 👇

As Ireland's largest producer group, we are offering a bonus of 30 cents per kg for animals slaughtered between the 3rd of April 2023 and the 9th of June 2023 ✔️ To receive this premium bonus, animals must be booked with Certified Irish Angus before the 23rd of January 2023.

Farmers can book in their Angus cattle by:
✔️Downloading the form on the Certified Irish Angus website (link below)
✔️Emailing info@certifiedirishangus.ie
✔️Logging onto its member’s online portal

Complete the form here before Monday! 👉 https://www.certifiedirishangus.ie/spring-summer-bonus/

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We are leaders in accelerated genetics 🧬

Our Elite Breed Improvement Programme began in 2021 with the purchase of the exceptional bull, a Drumcrow Tribesman, in partnership with @dovea_

Certified Irish Angus members can produce superior Angus animals by using Tribesman’s genetics via artificial insemination (AI) . This will result in an increased weight for age that reduces emissions per kilo of beef produced.

For more information visit 👉https://www.certifiedirishangus.ie/elite-breed-improvement-programme/


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See how your school can be part of our herd